You Need the Internet like Whitney Houston Needs Crack

You wouldn’t be reading this if it weren’t true. Whitney Houston’s crack addiction which was reported by the credible National Enquirer in 2006 is certainly old news. This was when Whitney’s sister lovingly sent in photographs of a crack-cocaine and paraphernalia litted bathroom.

Sorry to mislead you, this post isn’t about her in the slightest. So Whitney, call off your lawyer and put down the pipe. This post is inspired by a super-honky who goes by Tracky Birthday, a mostly unknown hobby-rapper whom I came across accidentally in a drug induced rage.

His creations are full of satire, catchy beats, smooth lyrics and a killer Mr T impersonation (because he doesn’t afraid of anything). Sure, he can get a bit annoying after a while, but for 20 minutes or so you may feel like you have been touched by Jesus himself. Check out Tracky’s homepage for more satirical non-sense and confirmation of his awesomeness.

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