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Happy 4/20, Bra!

By Eric Wendt April 20th is synonymous with cannabis culture. Everyone and their kids knows it. Well, maybe not everyone, but their kids definitely know it. I could talk about the history of the informal holiday, or wax poetic on the different weed-friendly events that happen every year, but I’m not going to. Why? ‘Cause […]

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The Hash Reality of AB-390

Regardless of how you morally feel about weed and weather people should or should not smoke it, thanks to Tom Ammiano it is something that will be brought up a lot in the upcoming future. I actually spent a solid 20 minutes reading the proposed AB-390 that assemblymen Ammiano and it sounds pretty interesting. Some […]

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Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps Admits To Smoking Pot…OH WOW THE SHAME

*photo by AP* Some people are all butt-hurt over gold medal winner Michael Phelps smoking some weed. They feel disappointed, betrayed, conned that the US Golden Boy enjoyed cannabis at a South Carolina house party. Now the county sheriff is sharpening up the handcuffs and contemplating criminal charges. Here’s an idea. Maybe…just maybe…smoking pot isn’t […]

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Marijuana Grow House Found in Mall of America

How much more American can you get? This is the Mall of America, combined with American’s love for both undermining Federal laws and mooching resources from others. I can’t believe someone got away with this, but the mall is known for being unnecessarily huge with it’s 4 floors, 2.5 million sq. ft. and 500+ shops […]

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