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Four Days after SXSW and Me Feet Still Hurt

I remember my first South by Southwest experience pretty well, considering the whole kid in a candy store / free music, free booze thing that happens in Austin TX every March. But the one thing I remember most was how much my feet hurt after the second day, and how happy I was when I […]

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Sunday Evening (Monday Morning, actually), 5:00 AM, SXSW ’08, Catharsis in Mid-career Anti-Crisis and the Crashing Destruction of a Former Life

I was pretty clear on what I was about to write until I got back on the dock and realized that my 24 hour $11 internet connection had prematurley expired, so we are free balling this one. First and foremost, however, BALLS. Bollocks, if you will. Sadly, Jill (whom I mentioned from a previous post) […]

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SXSW 2008: Day One Video Recap

Here’s a video montage of the Synthesis.net crew’s first day in Austin, TX for SXSW 2008. In it, you’ll see how shitty the outskirts out town are on the way from the airport to downtown, how badass Ironworks BBQ is, and how even on the night before the official start of the music fest, there […]

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SXSTFU: An Introductory SXSW 2008 Blog

In the coming days you’ll most likely want us to STFU about SXSW, so I’ll keep this introductory South By Southwest blog brief. For those unfamiliar, SXSW is a music festival in Austin, TX where music industry professionals and semi-professionals from around the globe come to schmooze, ink deals and drink as much free alcohol […]

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Footage of the Stephenville UFO

Video footage purported to be of the UFO spotted over Stephenville, TX earlier this year has appeared online. As detailed by Earthfiles.com, there has been a continuous chain of sightings in the state of Texas of similar “sky graffiti” over the last two months. Is this the work of alien taggers, or kids with fancy […]

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Synthesis’ SXSW 2007 Highlights

In anticipation of next week’s SXSW media blitz, here’s a clip of our highlight from last year. Actually, my highlight was the cathartic releasing of the bats underneath bat bridge, but hey, maybe i was just tired and feeling a bit emo. Listen to Spencer’s interviews from SXSW 2007 at synthesisradio.net

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