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Baby Formula Savings Calculator

I hear the costs of having a baby are second only to starting your own sovereign nation on an island in the Gulf of Arabia. At least that’s how it seems. Of the several people I know with new babies or ones on the way, finances are tight, especially IN THIS ECONOMY. Hell, my hours […]

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Fuck Metallica: Believe In The Sword

Don’t get me wrong; I love Metallica… Well, at least I loved Metallica back in the day when they still wrote badass, heavy songs and Cliff Burton was alive, smoking bongs and living the storied life as the epitome of hessian bass players. But Metallica might be shooting themselves in the foot by allowing Austin […]

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Jobs Are For Suckers

Today on the way to work I witnessed a really heartwarming scene: Emerging victoriously from the pawn shop, a bedraggled, toothless bum carrying a Fender Squier practice amplifier in one hand and a green Stratocaster in the other. His ginormous, tooth-barren smile was the kind that a child gives when they get their first puppy, […]

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Bibliophile 8/4/08: Goodbye

[With heavy hearts we bring you the last installment of Emilie Clark's Bibliophile column.] You Say Goodbye, I Say, “Get Lost, I’m Reading” So, I contemplated a lot of different ways to write this last column. I’ve never been especially good at goodbyes. When everyone else was crying at high school graduation, I was making […]

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