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Pixies Live at The Fox

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Pixies? Arguably the most influential rock ‘n’ roll outfit of the last 20 some-odd years, contending only with Fugazi and Nirvana, it really doesn’t matter how you want to classify them…

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Sunny Day Real Estate Is Back

In a brief, very uninformative thread over at Absolute Punk, it was noticed that there’s a pre-sale going on for 1 show in Atlanta for a Sunny Day Real Estate show. Although there hasn’t been any major press release (or at least that I’m familiar with) from the band’s label or PR, I’m assuming this […]

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Simpsons Cast Inks Deal: 20th Season is a Go

For those waiting in clench-jawed anticipation for another season of The Simpsons, there’s good news. With the announcement that the voice cast is getting raises, plans for the show’s 20th season are all but cemented. No doubt the cast does a great job voicing so many characters (was anyone else flabbergasted at The Simpsons Movie […]

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