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Art Wellersdick Meets The Economy

It is a strange time when the American Way of Life crashes. Fear and a sense of impending doom tend to drive otherwise rational people into deep fits of despair. People drool and babble and fall all over themselves at the prospect of having to live within their means. When Americans are forced to accept […]

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Synthesis Band You’ve Never Heard Of Band Of The Day: A Dozen Overdue SonicBids Artists That We Didn’t Get Around To Reviewing

So yeah, I’m still playing catch-up from the week of Sodom & Gomorrah music debauchery known as SXSW. One of the things that pretty much none of us got around to was checking in on our hopeful SonicBids artists, crossing their fingers for a little press from the good old Synthesis Blog. We got a […]

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Seemingly every Friday, Synthesis Weekly publisher Karen asks Daniel Taylor what he’s writing about in his column, “Hot Flashes.” Invariably, the answer will be “scratching my balls” or “fucking” or “ass-piss,” or any number of delightful, insightful subjects. Then Karen will lovingly scold Daniel, he’ll write whatever, people will read it on Monday and all […]

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