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Satan Plants More Dinosaur Bones To Trick Humans

The devil’s at it again, this time planting into the ground the skull of a giant sea creature that–if such a thing were possible–could crush an SUV. Researchers say the marine reptile, which measured an impressive 15m (50ft) long, had a bite force of about 45 tonnes (33,000lbs) per square inch. The creature’s partial skull […]

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Website of the Day: Pundit Kitchen

Pundit Kitchen, a division of the Cheezeburger Network (FAIL Blog, I Can Has… etc.), is a typical Lol Cats style image board based around the metaphorical porta-potty that is the US Political scene. I stumbled upon it today, and am about 10 pages deep in teh lulz. In typical fashion, the site has their ultra […]

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Why Rep. Monique Davis is Still the Worst Person in the World

Didn’t you hear? Last week an Illinois Christian priest was derided and reprimanded by a state representative in front of the House State Government Administration Committee for spreading a philosophy that’s dangerous to children. Oh wait, I’m sorry. It wasn’t a priest. It was an atheist who objected the government dishing out 1 million dollars […]

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Gorgoroth frontman Gaahl is probably the most metal person on earth. Period. The clip is from the 2005 documentary Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey. Interviewer: What is the primary ideology or the primary ideals the fuel Gorgorth’s music? Gaahl: Satan Interviewer: What does Satan embody, what does he represent? Gaahl: Freedom Interviewer: Whether we like it […]

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