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Paramore Live From the Hard Rock Cafe in Sacramento,CA

As promised, here is the first installment of Video Matt’s most recent Paramore escapades. This video features the band performing their hit song “Misery Business” live and acoustic at the Hard Rock Cafe in Sacramento,CA. Stay tuned for a lot more Paramore footage, or just subscribe to our YouTube channel and get updated instamatically every […]

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The Boss Live at Acro: Springsteen 4/4/08 Teaser

Synthesis sent photographer extrordinaire Pamela Morgan to catch The Boss last Friday night in Sacramento. Due to photo stipulations she was positioned more than 100 feet back (the Boss needs his space, aiight?), but she managed to capturesome great moments, including this wicked shot of Springsteen, Steven Van Zandt (Silvio lives!) and Max Weinberg. We’ll […]

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Synthesis Band Of The Day Band You’ve Never Heard Of: WePrickYou

Yeeow! Ow! That’s the type of hollering you’ll be doing if you happen to catch a live performance by Sacramento’s WePrickYou. These fellas throw down with the power trio, embracing super stoney fuzz licks and heavy, driving drum work, while managing a loose but humorously intense stage presence. Frontman and guitarist Marcus Cortez picks a […]

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