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New “Performance-Enhancing Drugs”

Viagra is the new, popular drug for athletes needing an extra boost on the field. The Daily News in New York reported that New York Yankee Roger Clemens stashed the pills in a vitamin bottle in his locker. He is just one among the various athletes that are using Viagra to get an edge on […]

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Roger Clemens: Defamation and Mindy McCready

In the ongoing saga that has become Roger Clemens vs former trainer Brian McNamee, “new shit has come to light.” Clemens, who on January 6th filed a defamation suit against McNamee, is now surrounded by speculation of a decade long affair with country music artist Mindy McCready. According to McNamee’s attorney: “When you sue for […]

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Roger Clemens Is Guilty: Get Over It

Roger Clemens: World Series Champion, Cy Young winner, ageless wonder…Steroid Abuser. End of story. The past month in major league baseball since the delivery of the Mitchell Report has seen more harumphs than Blazing Saddles. The Rocket, because of his elevated status in the statistical history of the game, has been at the eye of […]

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