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The Making Of Thrice’s Beggars, Pt. 1

I, amongst select others here at the Synthesis laboratory, are super stoked on Thrice’s upcoming release entitled Beggars. Besides the fact I think Thrice consistently puts out very creative and compelling works, they’ve been updating their studio journal like crazy over the last couple of months, which has a crazy way of drawing you into […]

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M. Ward’s Hold Time (Merge Records)

I am just now downloading M. Ward’s Hold Time, his new album on Merge Records. A few of the songs I heard this morning on NPR sound similar in feel and timbre to his earlier material; though I am looking forward to the album revealing its unique little blossoms – those little moments that ingrain […]

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Deftones To Play Bamboozle Left Without Chi

As you may or may not know, Deftones bassist Chi Cheng has been in a coma since November due to a tragic car accident. According to their Myspace blog, he’s in a sable condition, but isn’t showing signs of improving. Chino has stated many times publicly that Chi has always insisted the band continue, even […]

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So What’s Up With Michael Jackson?

Yesterday as Kirty South and I drove back from Olympia WA, HANDS DOWN THE WORST PLACE IN THE UNITED STATES (with a few notable exceptions), I got to select the playlist on his iPod. Between The Shaggs and Deerhoof songs, there was plenty of ’80s pop, with no fewer than three Michael Jackson songs strewn […]

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New Weezer Release Date Pushed Up to June 3rd

Weezer‘s third self-titled record (known as the “red” album, following suit with 1994′s “blue” and 2001′s “green” albums) was set to be released this July, but has been pushed up a month, most likely to thwart pirates. Here’s the release: The streets can’t wait any longer: Buoyed by a single which reached #1 at Modern […]

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