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Election Night in San Fransisco

Yesterday’s Presidential election, some are saying had the biggest voter turnout this country has seen in over a century. The numbers are pretty convincing I must say, some are estimating an over 60% of registered voters actually voted. The following story shows just how many people, and the insane variety of people that actually seemed […]

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Jesse Jackson Puts Foot In Mouth

Jesse Jackson has recently gone on the defensive after being caught on tape criticizing Barack Obama for being too harsh on black Americans, particularly fathers, in regards to a Father’s Day speech in Chicago . Jackson has come out and apologized for the unintentional public criticism, but still kind of stuck to his guns: “My […]

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The Voice of the People

With every web site, TV station and newspaper weighing in with their 2 cents regarding which horse they’re backing in this year’s Presidential election, there are certainly more than enough learned opinions being circulated for even the most hungry of newshounds. Even the Average Joe is getting his voice heard this election season, via blogs, […]

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