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Trump Is A Chump

By Stephanie McKinny Donald Trump has a big mouth. And a comb-over… but that’s beside the point. You’re probably well aware of a group of petty jackasses who continuously demand to see the President’s birth certificate, even though there’s one on file for the state of Hawaii, and you might also be aware that said […]

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Art Wellersdick Meets The Economy

It is a strange time when the American Way of Life crashes. Fear and a sense of impending doom tend to drive otherwise rational people into deep fits of despair. People drool and babble and fall all over themselves at the prospect of having to live within their means. When Americans are forced to accept […]

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Election Night in San Fransisco

Yesterday’s Presidential election, some are saying had the biggest voter turnout this country has seen in over a century. The numbers are pretty convincing I must say, some are estimating an over 60% of registered voters actually voted. The following story shows just how many people, and the insane variety of people that actually seemed […]

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Website of the Day: Pundit Kitchen

Pundit Kitchen, a division of the Cheezeburger Network (FAIL Blog, I Can Has… etc.), is a typical Lol Cats style image board based around the metaphorical porta-potty that is the US Political scene. I stumbled upon it today, and am about 10 pages deep in teh lulz. In typical fashion, the site has their ultra […]

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Vote Cooper 08!!!

McCain, whaaaat? Obama, who?! I’m telling you, it’s all about Anderson Cooper!!! If any man can save this nation, it’s The Silver Fox! yeah, staring into those baby blues is so subliminal, it could only result in wold peace right? well, at least a few cents off the gas pump (i hope). Anderson is not […]

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Clayton Williams Is An Ass.

Clayton Williams is a well known person when it comes to Texas politics for all the wrong reasons. During his gubernatorial election campaign in 1990 he made some crude jokes about rape including, “As long as it’s inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it.” The remarks were publicized and played a huge […]

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