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Super Duper Sick Nautical Tattoo at SXSW

Everywhere I looked, every hot (or marginally cute ) girl at SXSW was rocking tattoos – sleeves, chest, full legs, probably more than a handful on the naughty bits. But very few were totally sick. I ran into a gal who works for PETA whose nautical tattoos won my heart. And no, I was not […]

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The Meat Industry is Destroying The World

During the last Gorgeous Armada Presents production I hit it off with one of our dancers; that is to say, she and I got into some good arguments during illicit drug use and over-imbibing. The crux of our heated conversations revolved around eating meat; I being predominantly vegetarian, her being a cattle rancher’s daughter and […]

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The Trollsen Twins

So besides being completely made of fail when it comes to life, the Olsen Twins are also personally responsible for the deaths of all sorts of really super cute looking dogs and rabbits and other furry creatures. Of course, our friends at Peta are there to keep us all posted, with an entire area of […]

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