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Assemblyman Michael Duvall Wants To Spank You

Politician uses his influential position to tap young ass…I know, I know: SHOCKING. I went ahead and posted a classified on his behalf on Craigslist. “Middle aged man in position of power seeks young, hot lobbyist for back scratching and light discipline.” From NBC LA: “So the other day, she came here with her underwear, […]

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I, For One, Am Not Outraged By Obama’s Mom Jeans

source Can we please just file this under “who the fuck cares?” The Associated Press Tuesday, July 21, 2009; 8:32 AM WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama acknowledges “I’m a little frumpy,” and says he’s not worried about it. Asked in an NBC “Today” show interview about the well-worn bluejeans he wore to the pitcher’s mound […]

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Because YouTube Doesn’t Allow Users To Upload “Ras Trent,” or any other SNL The Lonely Island Videos…

…and all they have on YouTube are music files with pictures because NBC takes sharing violations seriously…ugh. Yesterday some friends and I were talking and they referenced “Ras Trent,” and since I don’t watch much TV (except what’s on Hulu.com) I had no idea what they were talking about. After failing to find it on […]

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Your Daily Sarah Palin Releated Post

I figured it’s that time of the day again. The McCain/ Palin satanists representatives are now throwing some heat in the direction of Saturday Night Live and NBC regarding the season premiere’s skit. In the clip, Amy Poehler plays an unimpressed Hill-dog, and Palin is portrayed by her biological twin, Tina Fey. From MSNBC: “The […]

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Jane Fonda Drops the ‘C-bomb’ on Today

On today’s Today, Jane Fonda–no stranger to controversy–sent producers rushing for the dump button when discussing the Vagina Monologues. The play is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Ms. Vieira had conducted the interview with “Monologues” writer Eve Ensler and Ms. Fonda, who said she initially resisted the invitation to participate in the play years ago. As […]

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CBS Brings 14 Shows out of Hiatus

It’s been a crazy past three months, huh? Without new TV programs to keep us occupied, Americans actually had to go out and do things, keep up with current events. A lot of us even voted. I don’t know about you, but I was getting pretty nervous, what with all this activity and all. I […]

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An Arbitrary Composition

Let me preclude this blog by stating explicitly that I watch way too much television. I know that it is detrimental to my general level of intelligence, but I just can’t help myself. So, the very much arbitrary (hence the title) notion struck me to give some suggestions as to what you may want to […]

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