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Who’da thunk that merely less than a decade ago R. Kelly was mistakenly deemed a pervert, when all along he’s been a goddamn scientific visionary from day one. Emblazoning a path toward a future far beyond the reach of flying cars and ray guns, I think its safe to say Mr. Kelly most definitely has a future […]

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US Still Getting Pwn3d by Chinese Pollution

A new NASA study, using advances in satellite technology, has finally been able to measure the long-rumored drift of pollution from China and other East Asian countries, into North America: “We used the latest satellite capabilities to distinguish industrial pollution and smoke from dust transported to the western regions of North America from East Asia. […]

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Giant Trilobites Crawling on the Sun

Physicists watching footage of a sunspot moving across the surface of the sun were stunned when the sunspot took the shape of trilobite and proceeded to crawl across the surface of the sun “We’ve never seen anything quite like it,” says solar physicist Lika Guhathakurta from NASA headquarters. Watch the footage for yourself here.

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