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Now You Can F*%# Miley Cyrus

By Stephanie McKinny Calling all nerds, borderline pedophiles, and hopeless cases: there is now a Miley Cyrus blow-up doll for all your gross, creepy pleasure. And apparently there are a lot of you creepers out there because the entire line of “Finally Miley” dolls sold out in less than 48 hours. But, of course, this […]

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Billy Ray Cyrus Blames Hannah Montana for Achy Breaky Heart

By Stephanie McKinny Apparently Billy Ray Cyrus is ten kinds of pissed about his daughter’s rise to fame and her recent controversial downward spiral, because he’s blaming his whole family’s demise on his little girl’s big break: Hannah Montana. The not-so-proud papa broke his silence to GQ, and as it turns out, dude’s pretty bitter: […]

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Miley Cyrus: Legal!

By Jessica Heffner Happy Birthday Miley! The Disney star turned pop artist Miley Cyrus is celebrating her 18th birthday on November 23, 2010. FYI, this means she’s legal now for all you boys who have been drooling over her. Despite the fact that she already has tattoos and has been to clubs, she now no […]

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More Google Trends Lulz

This one is a little tricky, with the outbreak of Miley Cyrus’ new picture mocking Asian people and all that jazz.  As I was cruising Google’s Hot Trends today, I noticed something kind of odd on the top side of the list.  “I am extremely terrified of Chinese people” popped up, which is either a […]

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