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KorN and Lil Wayne make a rock album?

To me, this sounds like a bold faced lie: Korn and Lil Wayne team up to create a rock album. Of course, I’m blogging it anyway because this is the internet and all lies eventually become truths here. Lil’ Wayne Prom Queen PreviewUploaded by thatsfunny Rebirth, the highly anticipated rock album from Lil Wayne is […]

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The Get Up Kids Reunion Show Videos

So last week in Kansas City, MO the Get Up Kids played a reunion show at some crappy bar, much to the chagrin of the aging emos on both coasts who, like me, count The Get Up Kids as one of their foremost musical heroes but, like me, never got off their ass in time […]

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Loney, Dear’s “I Am John” Video

For somethign so adamantly wussy, nothing rocks like Loney, Dear’s “I Am John.” I ended up playing his “Loney Noir” album the other day and can not for the life of me get this song out of my head. Shit, better than like a John Cougar Mellencamp song or something. (That’s “Coug” to his friends…) […]

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