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A Balanced Diet

If you’re like me, that is broke and lazy with an addictive personality who smokes and drinks all the time, this is probably some pretty good news for you. I’ve been killing time for years smoking and drinking alcohol and coffee the whole time thinking I was killing myself. But apparently the combination of the three sort of works for you in that the cigarettes make the coffee bad and the coffee protects the liver from all the poison of getting smashed every night. So, instead of all three of those things wreaking havoc on your insides, it’s really just one. I feel much better about my life now. I’m gonna go buy a pack.

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Did you know that the Internets is an amazing place?!

If you’re any bit like me, you don’t spend nearly enough time surfing the internets for amazing phenomena. Luckily we have amongst our staff one Daniel Taylor who illuminates us with his findings. From a blog of his last week I was introduced to both Encyclopedia Dramatica and omnomnomnom.com, both treasure troves of near-brilliance. Surfing […]

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