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I Think Joaquin Phoenix Is On Drugs

In case you haven’t heard the news recently, Joaquin Phoenix has claimed that he’s quitting acting and is bound for a career in rapping. There’s been a ton of speculation weather or not this is true or some elaborate hoax, both from the media and in Phoenix’s camp. Although he claims it’s 100% true, it’s […]

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Pullitzer Prize Winning Author of LA Times Tupac Death Story Fooled By Ninth Grade Drop-Out Convict With a Typewriter

So remember that story in the LA Times a couple of weeks ago linking Sean “Diddy” Combs to the shooting death of rapper Tupac Shakur? Apparently it’s bullshit: The Times appears to have been hoaxed by an imprisoned con man and accomplished document forger, an audacious swindler who has created a fantasy world in which […]

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Airborne Doesn’t Work: I Fucking Knew It

The “cold prevention” product Airborne has been shown to use false advertising due to a gross lack of supporting research. Basically it’s nothing more than a run-of-the-mill vitamin, and now they’re paying out 23 million plus in a class action lawsuit. What a bunch of bullshit. “Invented by a teacher.” Yeah, so it must be […]

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Ashley Flores Is Dead

Just kidding! She’s fine. She was never even missing. Dear Concerned Internet Denizens, Ashley Flores is not missing. This is a hoax. Some idiot fooled you into caring about this young girl who was never actually missing. This is the kind of thing sweeps inboxes every four months or so. My mom passes me shit […]

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