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The Indie Rock Coloring Book By Yellow Bird Project

The Indie Rock Coloring Book By Yellow Bird Project Chronicle Somebody get Aye Jay Moreno on the horn, because the Yellow Bird Project just stole his cash cow. The Indie Rock Coloring Book, akin to Moreno’s Gangsta Rap, Heavy Metal and Punk Rock works, is 31 pages of hipster kiddy goodness, with illustrations by Andy […]

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Fruit Bats: “Ruminant Band”

Fruit Bats Ruminant Band Sub Pop Riding a wave somewhere between country and kitschy hipster pop—though not overdosing on either—the Fruit Bats are no doubt onto something with their fourth full-length, Ruminant Band. The music itself carries a certain weight of Sticky Fingers Stones (see “Tegucigalpa”) while singer/pianist Eric Johnson croons leads in a fashion […]

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Imogen Heap Wins At Life

I’m a self admitted wanna be hipster; I rock pants that aren’t quite tight enough, I play the music snob role on bands that everyone else has apparently had a love affair with and I suck at pulling off that ‘just got out of bed’ hair do. I first got into Imogen when Frou Frou […]

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Pitchfork’s “Top 50 of ’08″ Released, Pretentiousness Follows

I apologize if you’ve already seen this list, as it’s about a month old; it’s been a crazy holiday season and I’m just getting around to checking out everyone’s best of 2008 lists. I just found Pitchfork’s list, and it’s safe to say it’s almost exactly what you would expect. Sticking to the ‘Hipster Top […]

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