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In Honor of Emovember

I present you with yet another example of that staple of blogdom, that old-reliable dead horse of lulz, the INADVERTANTLY HUMOROUS MAINSTREAMING OF THE EMO CULTURE. YAYYYYYYYYY! Today’s contestant is ultra lame Lovetoknow.com, yet another shining example of why Web 2.0 is twice as lame as Web 1.0. In there stunningly well researched breakdown of […]

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Daphne Loves Derby Headlining Tour

Myself, I wasn’t entirely thrilled with Daphne Loves Derby’s Good Night, Witness Light, but about a hundred thousand 17 year old Asian scene kids who used to have mad rad hair accounts are THRILLED. Like, OMG! Their PureVolume Page. Joining Daphne Loves Derby will be This Providence, The Higher and The Reign of Kindo. I’m […]

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