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Trump Stepped Down: Thank God

By Joshua Stacy Well, I think a vast majority of the nation can now breathe a sigh of relief—Donald Trump has officially announced he will not be running for President of these United States. Does this mean the GOP won’t have another circus for the nation to laugh at and make fun of this coming […]

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Rush Limbaugh Gets Fatter and Fatter

Seemed like that might have been a pretty big deal when Republican National Committee head Michael Steele came out and criticized Rush Limbaugh a few days back.  “Incendiary,” and “ugly” were a couple words used in his description of Right Wing America’s favorite radio personality. Well, not so fast. Steele changed his tune… “I have […]

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Palin Didn’t Know Africa Was A Continent

Read: This country was just under 200 electoral votes away from seriously FAILING. Before I get into this, let me note the Palin posts will be dwindling sometime soon, but this was just too good not to blog. Fox news has conveniently released this information a day after the elections, which is probably for the […]

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Your Daily Sarah Palin Related Post

Today’s topic: Troopergate, or in the non hyped-up media terms, Alaska Public Safety Commissioner Dismissal Investigation (APSCDI). As you probably know, our soon to be GILF Sarah Palin kinda messed up a little bit in terms of firing Walter Monegan, the said safety commissioner. The breakdown: Palin, who later became the Republican vice presidential nominee […]

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