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Mesa, AZ: This Place Sucks Turds

In Mesa, Arizona, above all else the strip mall reigns supreme. While all the adobe art would suggest otherwise, this is the land of fresh concrete, stucco and flawlessly hung drywall. Dotting the otherwise dusty negative space, facsimiled neighborhoods with near-identical houses provide shelter for an aging populous and, presumably, an incredibly limited youth subculture. […]

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I Ate Fergie’s Banana

(Image  Source) If you have friends in the Los Angeles area, odds are they work in the entertainment industry in some sort of manner. Today I met up with a good friend who works for hip-pop sensations the Black Eyed Peas at their video shoot. Since it was a closed set and FoA guitarist/my personal […]

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Passing The Opportunity On To You

First off, I didn’t contact this person so when they wrote the subject of the email they actually typed in “Re:”. I have little interest in becoming a mystery shopper, which always sounded like it fit in the “too good to be true so therefore it’s not” category, but who knows, maybe this scam is […]

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More Oasis Show Cancellations

Apparently, when Oasis’s Noel Gallagher got attacked from behind earlier this month at a gig in Toronto, his pride wasn’t the only thing that was damaged. According to NME, three of Noel’s ribs have been either broken or dislodged, forcing the band to postpone three upcoming European gigs. Fans who’ve purchased tickets are advised to […]

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Richard Wright, Pink Floyd Keyboardist, RIP

Fuck man, I’ve been out of town, not paying attention to music news. I wondered why the flags were at half-mast in Vancouver… I’m only half-joking here. Founding member of legendary progressive / psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd, Richard Wright, passed away on Monday from cancer. This is the first I’ve heard of it, so […]

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