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Killer Whales Hunt Dolphins, True Story

Photo from The Herald, article from Environmental Graffiti: A tour operator in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, unwittingly stumbled into the history books this weekend when he, his boat captain, and four tourists were in the right place at the right time to make the first recording ever of Orca whales hunting dolphins. Ranier Schimpf was […]

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How About Some Sex Hormones with That Glass of Water?

According to a five month long investigation by the Associated Press, the drinking water of as many as 41 million Americans contains trace amounts of pharmaceuticals, varying from sex hormones to mood stabilizers. While the amount of drugs is exceedingly small, the notion that society is ingesting unknown combinations of various compounds, even at such […]

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Catalog Choice: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, REFUSE.

Here’s a neat little tidbit I found trolling through Google trends. Catalog Choice is a free service that cuts down on the clutter in your mail box (physical, not e-) by making sure unwanted catalogs don’t get sent to you. The mission of Catalog Choice is to reduce the number of repeat and unsolicited catalog […]

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