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Adam Savage Goatse?

Pictures supposedly showing Mythbusters co-host Adam Savage enjoying some rather unorthodox forms of sexual self-exploration are currently making the rounds after being hacked off an image server. No word yet if they’re part of an episode exploring the the myth behind the original Goatse.cx meme, but either way, they’re pretty badass. Check out the winnar […]

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Ron Paul Supporters Release Statement

In response to today’s widely circulated New Republic story on Ron Paul’s past missteps in the editorial realm, the Ron Paul 2008 grassroots support has taken evasive action. And before you shoot the messenger (or if you’re just looking for some lulz) you can find this and other swell Ron Paul related campaign materials at the web’s finest […]

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Did you know that the Internets is an amazing place?!

If you’re any bit like me, you don’t spend nearly enough time surfing the internets for amazing phenomena. Luckily we have amongst our staff one Daniel Taylor who illuminates us with his findings. From a blog of his last week I was introduced to both Encyclopedia Dramatica and omnomnomnom.com, both treasure troves of near-brilliance. Surfing […]

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