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Lonely Dear: Hall Music

Loney, Dear Hall Music Sub PoP Loney, Dear’s Emil Svanängen is an orchestral composer of phenomenal talent. With a voice that breaks your heart before you understand what he’s saying, these songs begin with a simple guitar or voice before swelling precipitously into sweet, crashing melodies that are effervescent and heartfelt. Blooming like time lapse […]

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Andrew Bird and Loney Dear Tour Dates

Wow, my heart really sank when I realized that I will be unable to catch the Andrew Bird / Loney Dear show in San Francisco. Andrew Bird issued one of thebest performances I caught at SXSW 2007, and Loney Dear’s “I Am John” never gets rest with me, appearing on pretty much every mix tape […]

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How Swede It Is

Loney, Dear, which is essentially one young Swedish dude named Emil Svanängen and whoever he can rope into playing with him, is basically a fey-music badass. No, he’s not ever going to make anyone contemplate starting a circle-pit, but sometimes I just want to sit around in a sweater-vest, cut out collages and sip blueberry […]

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