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Upcoming Release of The Lost Postal Service Record…

….well, not really. But DNTEL (aka Jimmy Tamborello, aka the guy from the Postal Service who does not front Death Cab For Cutie) will be releasing a three-disc retrospective of his mostly instrumental lap-pop material on Phthalo Records. Early Works For Me If It Works For You II is a three CD set, with a […]

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Bjork is Pissed

Checking in with Pitchfork Media today, the story that caught my eye concerned Bjork and sexismn; more specifically, how music journalists will sometimes make assumption on song credits, and those assumptions are usually sexually biased when it comes to electronic musicians. Well, Icelandic music Goddess Bjork is over it and is publically making a correction. […]

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Karlheinz Stockhausen

My electronic music teacher, Dr. Barker, turned our class on to a lot of cool 20th century experimental music — the kind that informed Radiohead when they were writing Kid-A. One of the highest-regarded early electronic music composers, Karl Stockenhausen, has passed away at age 79. Apart from providing good shit to listen to while […]

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