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Music News For Friday, Nov. 14th

I’m beat right now.  Twas a rough night, followed by an early interview with Chris from Saves The Day/Two Tongues, his side project with guys from STD and Say Anything. None-the-less, here’s a short burst of everything you need to know that recently happened in the music world. *A man at a Papa Roach concert […]

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Escape the Fate Responds to Ronnie Radke

If you haven’t been following this story, I would suggest checking out our previous posts here and here. Usually I love the immaturity that spawns from bullshit band situations like this. There’s a certain art, however, to going about making yourself look good when you’re in a position like bass player Max Green is in […]

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Madina Lake and Coheed and Cambria Encounter the English Drama Llama in It’s Native Habitat

During last night’s date of the Coheed and Cambria / Madina Lake / Circa Survive UK tour in Brixton, some building drama between headliners Coheed and support band Madina Lake apparently boiled over into fisticuffs, when a member of Madina Lake’s crew was apparently served in the middle of the band’s set by Coheed’s TM. […]

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