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Killer Whales Hunt Dolphins, True Story

Photo from The Herald, article from Environmental Graffiti: A tour operator in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, unwittingly stumbled into the history books this weekend when he, his boat captain, and four tourists were in the right place at the right time to make the first recording ever of Orca whales hunting dolphins. Ranier Schimpf was […]

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Saving the Whales is SERIOUS BUSINESS

A Japanese government is claiming that activists aboard the anti-whaling vessel Steve Irwin threw acid on Japanese whalers about the ship Nisshin Maru during the recent two-day standoff between the ships in Australian-controlled Antarctic water: Members of the campaign group Sea Shepherd threw brown envelopes containing butyric acid from their vessel the Steve Irwin onto […]

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Dear Twentysomething American Hipsters Who Watched Lost in Translation a Bunch of Times and Convinced Themselves That Japan Is Somehow So Much Better Than America

Watch this a few times and reconsider. If you’re the type of person who learned to think twice before watching any of my videos, I’ll give you a break down: it basically shows a bunch of dolphins being herded up and dragged out of the water, where their throats are then slit, and they’re left […]

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