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Elizabeth Hurley Is A Black Widow

By Stephanie McKinny Surprise, surprise – Elizabeth Hurley is getting a divorce. Actually, no surprise here, because I was expecting it – like the rest of humanity – after she was photographed in December all over some other dude. I was expecting it even before that. She seems like the kind of woman who is […]

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Pete Wentz Is Gonna Get Real Emo Now

By Stephanie McKinny Ohhh snap!!! I had a feeling about this, but somehow it’s still a shocker. That’s right – Ashlee Simpson-Wentz filed for divorce yesterday in L.A. So WTF happened? After all, whatever it was had to be something pretty damn big because this is what Ashlee’s Twitter looked like just last month: “@petewentz […]

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Mel Gibson’s Divorce

News of Mel Gibson’s Divorce is ripping through the web today like a hot knife through my ex-wife’s throat butter. The couple has been together since 1980, and because he wasn’t exactly landing hit roles like Lethal Weapon 4 back then, they didn’t quite worry about a prenup. The damage to him isn’t really that […]

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Divorce Ain’t Always So Bad

While the process of divorce is hard on both man, woman and child alike, there are certain circumstances to which the whole situation isn’t all that bad. Take Cynthia Rodriguez for example, the soon to be ex-wife of MLB superstar Alex Rodriguez. She filed for divorce today in Miami, seeking primary custody of the kids […]

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Madonna’s Divorce

Madonna has an estimated fortune of 600 million so she’s looking for the best divorce lawyer on earth. She recently contacted Fiona Shackleton, used by Sir Paul McCartney in his case against that bitch Heather Mills. The 49-year-old pop star and international icon is getting legal advice about divorcing Guy Ritchie, her husband of seven […]

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Heather Locklear’s Havin’ Issues

Heather Locklear is going through some major hardships in her life right now. Locklear recently entered rehab treatment due to her severe anxiety and depression. The 46-year-old actress divorced from rockstar husband Richie Sambora in 2006. Since the traumatic divorce process, Locklear has been battling deep depression. Sambora is a tool anyways. Earlier this year, […]

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Hogan Knows… Jail?

Man, I’m actually feeling sorry for Hulk Hogan. First, his wife leaves him (crazy bitch). Then his son, dickhead of the year Nick Hogan wraps his car around a tree, leaving his friend in a vegitative state. Well, now it’s back to wifey again, as Linda is threatening jail time on the former wrestler until […]

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Jennifer Butler Murray, Bill Murray’s Wife, Files For Divorce

In a move that strangely mirrors his character in Lost In Translation, Bill Murray’s wife has filed for divorce, claiming that his "travels overseas where he engages in public and private altercations and sexual liaisons," physical abuse, and addiction to booze and weed has destroyed their marriage.  From MSN: Jennifer Butler Murray filed divorce papers […]

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