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Dethklok, “Dethalbum II “

Dethklok Dethalbum II Williams Street Anyone who has witnessed Adult Swim’s mature cartoon series Metalocalypse should know that the show is amusing, unique, and deserves the attention it’s received based on originality alone. Series co-creator and death metal guru Brendon Small has brought forth another filthy soundtrack for the second season installment of the show. […]

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The Next: Eluveitie and the New Wave of Pagan Folk Metal

I know what you’re asking, “There was a first wave?” Yeah, I’m kind of fuzzy on that too. I remember hearing of a band a few years back, Skyforger, out of Latvia that combined crushing black metal intensity with traditional folk instrumentation (check out “Tumsa Un Sala” on their MySpace page — it’s rifftastic). That […]

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Slayer Concert on YeboTV.com

If you like Slayer, but are afraid of Slayer fans — and who isn’t? — fear not, you can still see the band perform live without having their unwashed masses sweat their misanthropy on you. YeboTV will stream Slayer’s Aug. 25th performance at the San Diego Sports Arena live on the Internet. Slayer fans who […]

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