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The Foreclosure Trashout

Wanna see the high water mark, where the tide of rampant, unabashed consumptive American capitalism finally got too big for its britches and began sucking back leaving schools of beached, floundering idiots in its wake? Watch this video, then get pissed off. Then get really pissed off. Then do something about it by not being […]

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Driving on Salvia

The other weekend I went back to my hometown to kick it with all of my old stoner buddies from high school and they were all about smoking salvia, a pretty gnarly pyschoative herb that is somwhat surprisingly legal to purchase here in California. I was familiar with salvia from reading Daniel Pinchbeck’s Breaking Open […]

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Daniel Pinchbeck Not So Sure About 2012

Despite being one of the foremost recent repopularizers of the idea that the year 2012, which marks the end of the 13th cycle of the Mayan Longcount Calendar, will bring about some sort of apocalyptic event, author Daniel Pinchbeck doesn’t seem so sure in a recent article posted to his Reality Sandwich website in which […]

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Daniel Pinchbeck is the New Emo

If you’ve taken a moment to download Issue #8 of the amazing Synthesis Digital (which of course you have) and read Ryan Prado’s amazing cover story on post-emo hellions Circa Survive, you might find yourself wondering what the F all this shit about Daniel Pinchbeck and 2012 and apocalypse is all about. The above video […]

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