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Wii Beer Pong!

The Nintendo Wii now has a beer pong game. That’s the greatest thing I’ve heard in awhile. College boys everywhere must be crapping their pants. JV Games is trying to clean up the game by changing the title to “Pong Toss” so they can market it to younger kids. This is pretty funny: it was […]

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Synthesis Band You’ve Never Heard Of Band Of The Day: Phredley

This is a bit atypical of the bands that we generally choose for Synthesis Band of the Day. No horn-rimmed glasses, waifish broads with ugly indie-rock haircuts, ‘roid-bicep hardcore meatheads, striped sweater wussies or epic Dungeons & Dragons progressive metalheads. No, Phredley brings the funk-rock. In my fledgling college days, back when tie-dye wasn’t as […]

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Nerf Guns Terrorize College Campus

If you were a rambunctious little boy as I once was, you probably have fond memories of firing foam projectiles at your best friends with a sleek Nerf Bow and Arrow or Blast-A-Ball. Everyone needs a little combat in their lives, and I’ll confess, I still own some Nerf weaponry (granted, it’s a far cry […]

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The Not-So-Chi-Town

There must be something in the water in Chicago because those cats are outspoken. It’s like someone decided that the mouthiest rappers should all come from one place. What the hell is going on over there? Exhibit A: The “Fiascogate”: Lupe gets asked to cover a couple Tribe Called Quest songs for the VH1 Hip […]

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Happy Birthday John Lennon

Today, October 9th, is John Lennon‘s birthday. The former Beatle turned 67 years old today, and despite having not released an album of new material in over 27 years, remains a relevant rock icon today. (I hold the unpopular position that John Lennon faked his murder in 1980 and lives on a private, uncharted island […]

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Cancer! BOO!

Its been about 3 years since I started smoking… I blame the government, although I don’t think its a legit excuse. Over the years, I’ve probably ‘quit’ 3 times or so, with 2-5 month dry patches before basting my lungs in tar and whatnot again…. Flash forward to present day, and guess what?! Apparently, these […]

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