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goat fight

Bath Salts=Dead Goats

By Eric Wendt I’ve been curious about these bath salt drugs for a while now. It’s essentially just amphetamines (it’s often compared to cocaine and crystal meth) packaged in a way to get around U.S. drug laws. As long as the chemicals are being sold in a manner that discourages human consumption, you can pretty […]

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whitney_and daugther

Does Whitney’s Daughter Like Coke Too?

By Stephanie McKinny Some people are just kind of f***ed from the start. Like, say… if you’re the child of a pair of very public crackheads. Either you’re going to grow up to be a drug addict or people are gonna say you grew up to be a drug addict. Kind of a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t […]

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Porn Makes Charlie Sheen LOL

By Stephanie McKinny You know, I’ve come to realize that whenever you see “Charlie Sheen” in the headlines, you can always expect something amazing. It’s like a car accident – it’s so horrific, but you can’t look away no matter how hard you try. People are morbid, and that is why Charlie continues to be […]

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Coke Found In Billy Mays’ System

In what is rather depressing news, a toxicology report from the corner’s office states that Billy Mays’ cocaine use was a contributing factor in his death. I’ve heard some reports of him being a pretty hefty smoker, too, so I’m guessing that didn’t exactly help the situation much. Cocaine played a role in the death […]

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O SNAP! Amy Winehouse stole cocaine from Ms. Moss

CATFIGHT! Winehouse allegedly stole two grams of cocaine while partying out of Kate Moss’s purse, claims Blake Fielder-Civil, her ex-husband. ALLEGEDLY? Come on, it’s Amy Winehouse and cocaine. Fielder-Civil said Moss told Winehouse to grab a $bill out of her bag to snort lines with. She found the cocaine, snatched it, did some off a […]

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Andy Dick A Mess, Again

Last week Andy Dick got kicked out of the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas because his pit bull bit a guest and he was a sloppy mess. Now he has some bigger problems on his plate: sex and drug charges. He was arrested in Riverside County for investigation of sexual battery and his drug use. […]

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