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Designer Charlotte Ronson

Designer C. Ronson has exclusively introduced her new collection for Urban Outfitters. Yes, she is the sister of the alleged lover of Lindsay Lohan. The collection is called, “Play” and that’s exactly what it reminds me of. Super cute, fun, flowy and comfortable fashion. Her pieces are high quality for lower prices, which is always […]

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Society For Rational Dress

I thought the clothing line Society For Rational Dress was putting out some great collections until I saw the hideously ugly “pants” – if you can even call them that. This is supposed to be a new trend but I really don’t think anyone can pull this off.. unless you want to look like your […]

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Heidi Montag At It Again

After David Letterman totally bashed Spencer Pratt I thought and hoped that maybe Spencer and Heidi would go away for awhile. A LONG while. But my dreams were crushed when Heidiwood, her new clothing line came out. I mean really? Who would want to look like that girl after her romp on the beach in […]

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‘Little Factory’ Scarves Are Hott.

Little Factory has some awesome products that are perfect for the summer. I love wearing scarves but I usually throw them in a box under my bed when it comes time for summer; especially in the disgustingly hot city that is Chico, California. Thanks to Little Factory, you can now wear scarves for all seasons! […]

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