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Vitamin String Quartet: Per_Versions

Vitamin String Quartet Per Versions Vitamin Though the concept of the tribute album is a bit corny, contrived and redundant, some recent releases have provided an interesting new take on classic records. The Vitamin String Quartet [who have released 11, count ‘em, 11 albums in the past year] has done a great thing by selecting […]

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Wanna Open Up For Apostle of Hustle?

By far my favorite of the Broken Social Scene spin-off/Arts & Crafts bands, Apostle of Hustle have a new album coming out on May 19th. If their track record means a damn, Eats Darkness will be a phenomenal, breezy, tropical indie rock affair. I can’t wait. But the REAL news is that Apostle of Hustle […]

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Langerado Music Festival 2009 Lineup

So there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that I’ll make it to Miami, FL for the Langerado Festival this March… However, if I win the lottery you will see me right up front for Broken Social Scene screaming “Anthems For a 17 Year Old Girl!!!” like a complete drunken jackass. Full lineup after the […]

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Stars – Your Ex-Lover is Dead

In honor of Mary-Kate’s loss, here’s a video of Stars’ “Your Ex-Lover is Dead.” A buddy of mine posted a bulletin with this Stars video this morning, and it reminded me of how much ruleage this band achieves. Just one more reason to love Arts & Crafts Records and Toronto. Enjoy.

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