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Katy Perry’s Boobs WIN

A mold of Katy Perry’s awesome 32DD breasts was taken to be auctioned off for some breast cancer thing.  I have no idea what for, but it sounds like a good cause or something like that.  Here’s the video from the making of Katy Perry’s boobie mold.

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Is Plastic Making Us Fat?

Interesting article in the Boston Globe recently linking prenatal exposure to chemicals found in everyday plastics to obesity later in life: Animal studies in recent years raise the possibility that prenatal exposure to minuscule amounts of common chemicals – found in everything from baby bottles to toys – could predispose a body to a life […]

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Beats 4 Boobs: Thursday, September 27th

Beats and boobs: two of the best things in the world, together again. What more could you ask for? Thursday, Sep 27th, if you live in the SF Bay Area and love either art, music, food, fashion or ta-tas, you should definitely attend Beats4boobs. The event is put together to raise breast cancer awareness in […]

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