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Day Four: Meow Wolf, Santa Fe, NM

As with most warehouse art spots, the Meow Wolf art gallery in Santa Fe has a decidedly D.I.Y. aesthetic and flair for the experimental. We played the closing night of a large, wild art instillation created by about 14 artists, but we opened up the show to a smattering of folks. The rest were outside […]

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Road Games: The Predictive Text Game

“This part of the country is really beautiful.” No it’s not. We’re in the Southwest and there is nothing to look at but highway, cacti and dirt. And thanks to our brilliant job of cleaning out the Gay Car before hitting the road we have no CDs to listen to. None…except our respective bands, and […]

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I Ate Fergie’s Banana

(Image  Source) If you have friends in the Los Angeles area, odds are they work in the entertainment industry in some sort of manner. Today I met up with a good friend who works for hip-pop sensations the Black Eyed Peas at their video shoot. Since it was a closed set and FoA guitarist/my personal […]

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I Thought I Was So Smart

I packed light: sleeping bag, camera bag, bass in softshell case (thanks again, Dallas), laptop case and backpack. In the backpack: stage garb for my Fortress of Attitude gigs, limited toiletries and three changes of clothes. Space is at a premium inside Bomb Threat’s “Gay Car,” a bright red Saturn station wagon that will house […]

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The Land of Free Things

“This is not the land of free things.” Bomb Threat is right. This is LA. Anything that’s worth doing costs money, and IN THIS ECONOMY* you gotta pinch your pennies, especially when you’re just stopping over for a few days to rehearse before heading out to SXSW where the free food and beer flows like […]

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Fortress of Attitude Tour

First things fucking first. Go HERE. Get [Edit: Look at] that shit open in another tab. What’s this? It’s the Fortress of Attitude. They have songs to sing about American Gladiators, Aerosmith, Haunted Houses, Math, Burning Books, and Gay Cars. They are on tour RIGHT NOW and if you live in Seattle, Eugene, Arcata, Chico, […]

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