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Woman Uses Baby To Smuggle Drugs

  By Stephanie McKinny Some shit just makes you chuckle and shake your damn head. This will be one of those times. Pinky promise. In good ol’ Pennsylvania, a 24-year-old woman named Jennifer Young decided to take her baby to visit her boyfriend in the county jail. By now, you’re probably already shaking your head. […]

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Jenna Jameson is Preggers

In defiance against both the will of man and God, somehow Jenna Jameson has conceived a child. This is a shocking twist of events in the scientific community, as a team of NASA engineers routinely goes into her uterus and sterilizes with flamethrowers. She’s apparently pretty stoked on the whole issue, though. From the internetz: […]

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Matthew McConaughey’s New Baby

Congrats to sex icon and worst actor ever (minus Keanu Reeves) Matthew McConaughey, who welcomed his new baby boy into the world yesterday along with his sexy ass Brazilian girlfriend, Camila Alves.  Let’s face the facts: he’s hot, she’s hot, this baby is either going to be stunning… either that or it’ll be hidious due […]

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The Pregnant Man Gives Birth!

Remember that Oregon couple who was trying to have a baby? The husband was going through a sex change operation to become a man but kept his lady parts so they could have a kid first. The preggers man, Thomas Beatie, gave birth today. The pregnant man’s baby girl was healthy and happy. CRAZY!! Here’s […]

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US Weekly sUckS

Are you sitting at home right now flipping through an US Weekly, maybe reading up on Alex Rodriguez’s late night rendezvous with Madonna? If so, you should probably find something better to do with your time.

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Jamie Lynn Spears Gives Birth

I almost forgot she was pregnant BUT Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to a baby girl, Maddie Briann, this morning. The 17-year-old little sister of nutcase Britney Spears had Maddie in a Mississippi hospital close to her Kentwood, Louisiana home. This family needs some serious birth control ASAP.

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