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Melodyne: Direct Note Access

I rag on Auto-Tune all the time; mainly due to the fact that it’s a piece of shit that most people abuse to either get that damn Cher sound or, even worst, turning a bad vocalist into a pop sensation. It’s killing recordings, because of using it as a tool to clean up a few […]

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John Mayer Is The Next Kanye West

I want to make some all encompassing statement that sums up my feelings on the fact that I know very well what goes into the standardized radioized hip-hop songs these days and my beliefs that although there are in fact some very talented rappers in the world, the majority of things we hear can literally […]

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Kanye Can’t Sing

If you’ve been hiding under a rock recently, let me give you a little insight into what’s absolutely raping the music industry at the current moment.  No, this isn’t a Major v. Indie thing, it’s not about file sharing and it’s not about Chinese Democracy; it’s about the discovery of a piece of software generally […]

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Melodyne’s Direct Note Access

Warning:  This post contains significant amount of music geek content. The concept of auto-tuning has long been a heated debate. Any idiot with a computer, recording software and a mic can now, theoretically, create a pitch perfect vocal track. Sure, it loses the soul of the performance, but lets face it; it’s 2008 and all […]

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