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Andy Dick Still A Mess

A completely wasted Andy Dick attempted to check into the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas this weekend. He was sloppy to say the least and his clothes were all wet. Dick started a scene in the hotel lobby when he brought his pit bull with him who bit a hotel guest. The Hard Rock […]

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REMAIN CALM!!! Kelsey Grammer is “fine” after Heart Attack.

After suffering a “mild” heart attack, American actor Kelsey Grammer is recovering in an undisclosed hospital in Hawaii. Grammer, most beloved for his recurring role as Sideshow Bob in The Simpsons television show (and, you know, that whole Cheers and Frasier thing that never really took off…), aged 53, owns property on the island of […]

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3rd Graders Plot to Attack their Teacher

A Georgia elementary school teacher was in for a surprise last Friday when 8-9 of her students, both boys and girls, planned to bind and stab her after being angered over the scolding of a fellow student for standing on a chair. The extent of the students’ planning and premeditated preparation is astonishing: Police Chief […]

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Randi Rhodes Attacked?

It was reported last night that Randy Rhodes, the guitarist widely thought responsible for re-launching Ozzy Osbourne’s post-Black Sabbath musical career, was attacked in New York city near 39th Street and Park Avenue. In addition to his noted career as a heavy metal guitar virtuoso, Rhodes, who died in a plane crash in 1982, was […]

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