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Iron Maiden: Flight 666 – THE MOVIE

Far off….in the distance….do you hear it? What is that? Is that a stampede of majestic buffalo coming our way? The galloping of the four horsemen of teh Apocalypse? A westward roaring ice storm? No. Nope. Just FUCKING IRON MAIDEN. April 21st, 2009, the documentary titled “IRON MAIDEN: FLIGHT 666,” chronicling their ambitious 2008 tour, […]

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Mariah Carey = FAIL

Yes – I know the latest Mariah Carey release is yet another sign of the apocalypse. Want another sign? Watch little miss top heavy in her Good Morning America performance (it looks like her clown boobs almost made her fall down the stairs). It starts awkward and just continues to get worse. I liked her […]

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The Best Sci-Fi Web Series of 2007

2007 isn’t even over yet, but it would be pretty damn hard for anybody else to create a science-fiction as immersible as what I am about to share with you! But first, I’m going to rant the apparent differences between Commercial and Independent media. (skip the next paragraph if you don’t care). Traditional television and […]

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