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Suck On This, Cheney

On my daily stroll through Faux Fox News today, I saw a little link that was in a sea of “Obama Is Power Crazy” and “Democrats Are Nazi Zombie” posts that looked like it could use some attention. I clicked the little guy, and came to a delightful read about how Halliburton was bribing the […]

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Paradise, CA Lives Up to Its Name, Again

A few miles up the road from our homebase here in Bumblefuck, CA is a town named Paradise, which is kind of a ballsy thing to name your town, especially one in semi-rural Northern California. Thus, it was lulz this summer when Paradise burned down, or at least some of it. But fire can’t keep […]

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According to Hed PE…

Hed PE don’t give a fuck. For that matter, neither do I. However, virtually hundreds of other people do, and VideoMatt was there in San Francisco over the weekend to catch it all on film. I especially like the behind-camera blabbering at 2 min… Luckily, I don’t give a fuck.

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