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New American Apparel Trend

You could do some damage with these. Please please please don’t wear them anywhere else besides the beach, the pool, or inside your home. You may have an ass that looks this good, but my boyfriend doesn’t need to see it. Product reviews say to buy a size up. No doubt.

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2008′s Hottest Fashion Trend: Clothes That Don’t Match

In a ceremony this afternoon, this year’s recipient of the prestigious LEAST MATCHED OUTFIT OF ALL TIME EVAR award was announced. The winner was none other than myself, Daniel Taylor. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those who made this unexpected honor possible: American Needle for my HELLA SAACK throwback Expos cap, the […]

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American Apparel, American Adonis

Dov Charney is the founder of American Apparel and paving the way for american allure. Check this excerpt from JANE magazine: Dov Charney, the 35-year-old senior partner and founder of American Apparel, and one of his female employees, who happened to be in town. I asked him how he relaxed. Oral sex, he says, settling […]

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