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Hail Mary Mallon Feeds The Meter

By Sleazus Christ Check out the new video from Hail Mary Mallon (Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic and DJ Big Wiz). For the song “Meter Feeder,” this one’s effects will either have you dancing or having a seizure. Either way, it’s a dope one.

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Corporate Pigs

So, I have been noticing a mainstream theme of clowning on the corporate world. I see paintings about it, hear songs raging about the infamous “sellout” artists, but this video Ms. Nickels shared with me is the best of both worlds. I am all about the mom and pop shops, the underdog, the artist making […]

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El-P and Aesop Rock Team up for Jimmy Kimmel Live

Oh Damn. Get your tivo/dvr/betamax: El-P and Aesop Rock (click here to check out “None Shall Pass” )will team up for a live performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday, August 10th [ABC weeknights, 12:05 AM / 11:05 PM CST]. And since Aesop is dropping his new record on 8/28 he’s hitting the road – […]

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Aesop Rock Returns With None Shall Pass

 Aesop Rocks 5th album None Shall Pass has been granted the release date of August 28th. Following his an EP, this album is his two years in the process and will find Aesop returning to his bread and butter with the majority of the tracks produced by longtime collaborator Blockhead. Haven’t heard any tracks […]

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