Synthesis Word You’ve Probably Never Heard of Word of the Day: Cuckold

Cuckold. Think Victorian times, where a highly conservative society represses every and any sexual thought. Sex is never openly discussed, orgasms are one-sided and skin-on-skin contact is a necessary, unpleasant evil. In this repressive male-dominated society, there still exists thrills of the sexually illicit nature, but they are often hidden away from sight. When wifey isn’t getting the goods at home, sometimes she has to go around the block. Hence, the wife seeks the company of another man, and the husband becomes the cuckold. Sometimes he’s way down with it, too.

Dark Ages - stolen from Married To The Sea

Which brings me to the Synthesis Band You’ll Never Hear Of Band of the Day: Cuckold-e-sac. That’s my new band. I just made it up this morning. I’ve convinced Dallas Killbot to join. No songs have been written yet, but the whole concept is we’re going to write songs about being cuckolded, and forced to submissively watch our wives suck other men’s dicks. It will be really, really, really fey indie-pop….the kind that would make Belle And Sebastian look like the Eagles of Death Metal on methamphetamines. Maybe we’ll all play glockenspiels, recorders and autoharps. Singing in falsetto unison. Ryan Prado‘s down. Stay tuned.

Courting, courtesy of Married To The Sea Dot Com

Special thanks to Married To The Sea for the inspiration this morning. Your cartoons are amazing when they don’t totally suck.

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