Synthesis Band You’ve Never Heard Of…OF THE DAY!!!111 – Pomegranates


This past summer I had the awesome opportunity to spend a month on tour with Ruth, an amazing band that thankfully many people have now definitely heard of, since they just got off the road with Switchfoot and Relient K. Since all we basically did for a month was throw fire crackers at each other and eat Waffle House there was plenty of time to sit around and listen to music, taking turns turning each other on………….to new music [c'mon now, this is a family blog]. One night Ruth frontman, and namesake, Dustin Ruth put on some shit that he was jocking, and we all agreed that it was pretty badass. The band was called Pomegranates, like the fruit, and the juice. Here’s what they say about themselves:

Pomegranates began in the young minds of Jacob Merritt and Isaac Karns, long time friends whose respective musical projects had recently disbanded. With a mutual desire to continue making music, the two began penning songs. Immediately they felt this new project was heading places, so they solicited the help of Joey Cook, and the three got down to business. Their initial practice session gave shape to what would later become their first song, “Nursery Magic”. This was November 2006.

Four months later the band recorded their debut EP, Two Eyes, at The Lunchington in Columbus. The five-song disc was tracked in two days and boasts intricate, melodic guitar arrangements adorned by bells, samplings and keys. Hand claps and tambourines actualize in the quirky percussion section, while falsetto vocals dance delightfully above. This is sophisticated stuff for such a youthful band. When Two Eyes hit streets June 12 of 2007, it was no more than a week later they were inking a deal with indie label, Lujo Records. The bands forthcoming LP ‘Everything is Alive’ will be released in Spring of 2008.

If “Hand claps and tambourines” actualizing in the “quirky percussion section, while falsetto vocals dance delightfully above” doesn’t sound cute enough, than how about their list of influences?

Grizzly bears shooting lightning out of their eyes and riding rainbows.

Um…can someone say bad ass????! Check the doods out on the Space and tell them to come to California already.

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  1. spencer February 5, 2008 at 1:10 pm #

    Lujo Records, home of powerhouses of awesome like History Invades. *ef* yes.

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