Synthesis Band You’ve Never Heard of (unless you live in San Franisco) Band of the Day: Magic Bullets

magic bullets by Simron Gill
I don’t know what happened here, but I just got a copy of Magic Bullets’ a Child but in life yet a DOCTOR in love (Words on Music Records), which was released last May. This San Francisco band writes songs that are cut from similar material as The Walkmen, and singer Phil Benson sings like he’s the bastard child of Tom Verlaine. Both good things in my book.
I imagine this is one of the hundreds of albums I got between march and June of last year, listened to once for two minutes, then forgot about. Only now, it’s totally working for me and making me rock back and forth in my office chair. Or else it’s that 2nd cup of coffee… Either way, I’m feeling their mellow tones over peppy rhythms – It’s definitely sway-worthy rock.

The Magic Bullets are heading out on tour soon (oh wait, maybe that’s why I got the album sent to me again. I am a fricking brain genius sometimes.) so check them out and see what I’m dancing about. Tour dates are all over their MySpace page.

a Child but in Life…

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