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We’ve been lacking hard in the Band You’ve Never Heard Of postings, so lets kick it off again with a group of indie killers. Hailing from Seattle, WA, By Sunlight are gaining notoriety around the North West and West coast areas. Their shimmery sound has been crafted over the years under their former moniker, Bridges, and they now have a new name and new record to show off to the world. Currently the group is doing a 15 date tour down the West coast, which you should probably check out if you’re in the California/Oregon area.

Theoretically, I should provide you with some off-topic experience I’ve had involving the band or while listening to the band’s music or at least make some shit up to sound like a better writer, but you know what? Fuck it. I’m not conforming to all that jazz. Instead I’m going to quote Ryan Prado from when he declared Bridges the band of the day a while ago.

Formed from ex-members of Sacramento’s Mister Metaphor, Seattle, WA’s, Bridges are a progressive math-pop conglomerate with more syrup-sweet melodies than you can shake an abacus at. The band is currently on tour through mid-July on the West Coast, and last night melted the apathy of a cozy crowd at Chico, CA’s Cafe Coda.

The group played for about 40 minutes, without stopping for anything, fashioning a seemingly endless song, which was actually several seamless segues into different tunes. Think early Velvet Teen or don’t. If you live on the West, check these guys out at these select dates. You won’t be disappointed.

Here’s the dates:


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