Synthesis Band You’ve Never Heard of Band of the Day: The Meddling Kids

The Meddling Kids…Goo Goo Dolls?
Ah, those meddling kids; always ruining plans to steal hidden treasure and proving that the “haunted castle” isn’t haunted at all, it’s just some scoundrels with holograph machines and white bedding… And they would have gotten away with it too….

Apart from traveling the country in search of devious plots to foil, The Meddling Kids dish out the power pop in chunky doses, replete with breakdowns, guitar solos, gang vocals and the kind of lyrics that don’t demand a whole lot of dissection.

I can’t help but bring it up, but more often than not lead singer Tyler Norton sings like he kinda has to poop – a stylistic device popularized by the “Yeah Rock” genre (see Candlebox, Goo Goo Dolls and Matchbox 20) involving a restrained vocal attack, a short sustain and lot of extra breath at the end of a line, and featuring as many “yeah!”s as possible and resulting in rock chix with big asses and overly-dyed hair totally swooning. Their music has more in common with the likes of Cheap Trick and Weezer, going as far as winking at Rivers Cuomo by aping a riff here or there.

Since I’m a sucker for some fretboard gymnastics, I give The Meddling Kids the nod, and if I were at their show I would probably even take a break from smoking cigarettes and hitting on fat-assed, overly-hair-dyed rock chix to catch at least two songs. After all, “I’ve Done Everyting For You” has a solo that absolutely STOMPS over the theme from Beverly Hills 90210. Their CD is available here.

You Meddling Kids!

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